Swopper Classic gray
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Swopper Classic


The original – often copied, never matched. The Swopper classic is the world’s only stool which can move in three dimensions and adjust to the user's movement. The movement of the Swopper promotes active sitting, which strengthens the back and trains the muscles. Swopper Classic is available in different colours.

Product details

  • Swopper Classic
  • Curved seat relieves veins and congestion
  • Spring strut individually adjustable to body weights of 40-130 kg
  • Height adjustable from 45 to 68cm
  • Weight: 11kg
  • Black base ring
  • Gray upholstery


Benefits of the Swopper

  • Helps to strengthen the back
  • Trains the muscles
  • Keeps joints and tendons fit
  • Deep breathing is supported by a more upright seating position
  • Circulation is stimulated 

Swopper Classic sets no limits to freedom of movement – spring up, down, left or right, swing forwards or backwards, turn and tilt to the side – all this is possible with the Swopper from Aeris.

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Swopper Classic gray

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