boso ABI System 100 Standard
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Art. No.: 404180
Bosch + Sohn
EAN: 04002427046605 boso ABI System 100
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  • Determines Ankle-brachial index
  • Oscillometric measurement on all 4 extremities
  • Automatic evaluation by ABI software
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boso ABI System 100


Economical, delegable and precise - determine the ankle-brachial index with the boso ABI System 100.
By measuring the ankle-brachial index (ABI), peripheral arterial occlusive disease can be identified with a high level of accuracy and at an early stage. The boso ABI System 100 quickly, precisely and reliably determines this important value without use of a Doppler.


Evaluation with the boso ABI system is particularly conclusive, as the readings are simultaneously taken on all four extremities; effectively ruling out the risk of incorrect readings due to blood pressure variability. This means the results are reproducible and a follow-up is much more meaningful.


The boso ABI System 100 at a glance:

  • Fast, precise measurement
  • Extremely patient friendly
  • Excellent for screenings
  • Oscillometric measurement on all four extremities, simultaneously
  • Avoids incorrect readings from blood pressure variability
  • Delegable measuring method
  • No patient preparation required
  • Automatic readings evaluation by ABI software
  • Optionally available with the "Pulse wave velocity" measuring module


Measuring with the boso ABI System 100:

Measuring the ankle-brachial index with the boso ABI System 100 is extremely easy and takes only minutes. The four blood pressure cuffs are applied to the patient's upper arms and lower legs. Care must be taken to ensure that the patient's clothing does not constrict the arms or legs. Any tight items of clothing that could impair the reading should be removed beforehand. The patient should lie quietly without talking during the reading. Examination with the boso ABI System 100 only takes about 1 minute, and is no more unpleasant for the patient than a conventional blood pressure reading.


Afterwards, the ABI system transmits the figures to a PC via a USB interface, where the application software (included in delivery) automatically calculates the ankle-brachial index (ABI). The values for the left and right sides of the body are provided separately, and rated by the traffic light system. In addition to the ankle-brachial index, the boso ABI software also provides other important values such as the individual blood pressure figures, differences in blood pressure between the two sides of the body, pulse, pulse pressure and indications of possible cardiac arrhythmia disorders.


The ABI Software at a glance:

  • ABI provided separately for both sides of the body
  • Indication of other figures: individual blood pressure figures, differences in blood pressure between the two sides of the body, pulse, pulse pressure, indications of possible cardiac arrhythmia disorders
  • Unusual values marked in colour
  • Database with patient management
  • Graphic readings display
  • GDT interface to transfer to the practice computer system


Included with the boso ABI System 100:

  • 1 ABI measuring device
  • 2 nylon arm cuffs (cuff size 22 – 42 cm), including tube
  • 2 nylon leg cuffs (leg circumference 18 – 38 cm), including tube
  • 1 power pack
  • 1 USB connection cable
  • 1 CD with ABI software
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the advantages of measuring with the boso ABI System 100 compared to measurement with a Doppler?

Measurement with the ABI system from boso offers particularly high accuracy and reproducibility, as the measurements on the arms and legs are taken at the same time. This makes the blood pressure variability a negligible factor. Furthermore, the measurement with the ABI System 100 is so easy to carry out that it can even be delegated. This makes the measurement particularly economical since the doctor only needs to worry about evaluating the examination. In comparison to time consuming Doppler examinations, measurement with the ABI system is excellently suited as a screening process.

From which value is the Ankle-brachial index noteworthy and requiring of further treatment?

Normal values lie between 0.9 and 1.2. A basic rule of thumb is: the lower the value, the greater the risk. Although, further diagnostics and treatment should follow a considerably increased value (over 1.3).

Which system requirements does my PC need so that I can use it with the boso ABI System 100?

In addition to a graphics card, your PC requires a USB interface and 20MB of free hard drive space on a Microsoft Windows XP operating system or later.

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