Medical consumables vary from discipline to discipline. While wooden tongue depressors and cotton swabs are needed daily by ear, nose and throat specialists, urological practices often require balloon catheters and kidney dishes.

At Praxisdienst, you will find a large selection of medical consumables for various disciplines. We offer you urine cups, alcohol swabs, blood lancets, mouth rinsing cups and catheters, as well es disposable kidney dishes, ointment- and other medical cups. Be sure to browse the subcategories under consumables for more specific searches. Of course, you can also type "consumables" into the search bar and our smart search will make suggestions to further assist your shopping experience.

With many products in our consumables category, we also offer attractive bulk discounts for those who need larger portions or who would just like to stock up.

Other medical consumables such as disinfectants, dressing materials or injection devices can be found in the corresponding categories.

More categories with Consumables

  • Alcohol Wipes Alcohol Wipes

    Whether individually packed or in a handy dispenser, we offer the appropriate alcohol swabs for mobile and stationary use.

  • Lancets Lancets

    Here you will find blood lancets and aids for sampling capillary blood, as well as practical, mini scalpels for pulling stitches.

  • Tongue Depressors, Cotton Swabs Tongue Depressors, Cotton Swabs

    In this category, you will find some of the more common consumables, such as tongue depressors, cotton buds and special, oral care swabs at attractive prices.

  • Kidney Dishes Kidney Dishes

    Plastic and cardboard kidney dishes clearly fall under consumables, but we also offer stainless steel models! Find the appropriate kidney dish to fit your needs at Praxisdienst.

  • Ointment Cups & Dropper Bottles Ointment Cups & Dropper Bottles

    Empty ointment cups, dropping bottles and other relevant accessories, such as spray nozzles, are available for attractive prices here.

  • Sample Containers & Urine Pots Sample Containers & Urine Pots

    From urine sample pots to sample containers and drinking cups, we offer a wide selection of cups and containers for all medical lab purposes.

  • Bladder Catheters & Accessories Bladder Catheters & Accessories

    In this category, you will find bladder catheters, catheter bags and other accessories for indwelling catheterisation.