Teqler nail clippers, 13 cm
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Art. No.: 710129
EAN: 4260306770298
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Teqler nail clippers, 13 cm

These Teqler nail clippers are strong nail clippers that sit well in the hand. The clippers are always open due to the spring. The nail clippers are used both in the operating room and in operating room and in outpatient human medicine. 
The nail clippers from the Teqler brand are a disposable instrument that shines with many advantages for the user: They are individually sealed and so can be used as needed. They are easy to remove from the practical storage box. As they are disposed of in a disposal container directly after use, the risk of injury to cleaning staff as well as the risk of germ transmission is reduced. Disposable instruments are not reused, which saves the time and high costs associated with instrument preparation. With Teqler disposable instruments, documentation is now child's play: remove labels from the sterile bag and attach to the patient records – done! 
Product details 
  • Teqler nail clippers, 13 cm
  • Disposable steel instrument
  • Strong clippers for shortening nails on the hands and feet
  • With spring
  • Shape: pointed
  • Length: 13 cm
  • Material: matt metal, prevents reflections
  • Come attached to a dispensing cardboard sheet
  • Sterile shelf-life: 3 years 
  • Individually sterile-packed
  • Dispenser carton of 20 clippers
Benefits of Teqler disposable instruments
  • Matt metal – prevents reflections during surgery
  • Dispenser carton: clippers can be removed individually
  • Long sterile shelf-life of 3 years
  • No risk of cross-contamination or cross-infection 
  • Cost and time savings due to the elimination of the preparation process
  • No idle time due to preparation
  • Quick and easy documentation with removable labels
  • Each instrument (with the exception of the vaginal speculum) is fixed onto a hygienic dispensing cardboard sheet
  • Consistently high functionality since a new instrument is used every time
  • Very good tactile feel
  • Easy disposal via disposal container
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Teqler nail clippers, 13 cm

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