Insulin Syringes, for U-40 or U-100 insulin

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Insulin syringes, for U-40 or U-100 insulin, on

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We stock insulin syringes for both U40 Insulin (40 l.U./ml) and for U100 Insulin (100 l.U./ml.) Delivery of both syringes includes the commonly used 0.45 x 13 canula. The syringe uses a centrical Luer tip. The Spardorn extension plunger prevents loss of the insulin. The scale is written in red on the transparent cylinder, to ensure that it is easily read.

The canula is particularly noteworthy. A flexible needle made from rustproof stainless steel is provided. The bevelled edge of the canula ensures that the injection is practically painless.

Insulin syringes and canulae are individually wrapped in sterile packaging, and are supplied in a pack of 100. Syringes are only intended for single use. It is extremely important to ensure that the packaging is not broken and that the expiry date has not passed.

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