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  • Closed on 5 sides
  • Now with new double lock
  • Combinable with additional boxes
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Quarantine Cage

This coloured quarantine box can be used in veterinary practices or clinics as a kennel for sick or anaesthetised animals. It can either be used individually as a ward box for small animals or combined with other boxes. The flexibly arrangeable quarantine box is 60 x 60 x 55 cm in size and made of polyethylene, which is not only very durable, but also highly resistant to acids, bases and chemicals. 
The quarantine box comes with a tightly closing steel door and all the accessories for combining it with other boxes. If the various colours are combined, this colour-coding can facilitate patient identification! 
Please note that you will only receive a single box per order!
Product Details
  • Quarantine box made of polyethylene, 1 piece
  • Ideal for accommodating sick or anaesthetised small animals
  • Can be used individually or arranged with other boxes as a small ward
  • Boxes can be combined in pairs with the separately available base 
  • Polyethylene: long-life, very resistant to bases, acids and chemicals
  • Boxes available in a range of colours – ideal for colour-coding 
  • Closed all around: gives anaesthetised animals more peace 
  • With tightly closing stainless steel door
  • Includes accessories for combining with other boxes 
  • Product photos are examples
  • Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 55 cm

Delivery contents: Lockable individual box in the colour of your choice with steel door and accessories for attaching additional boxes.
Would you like to assemble a ward similar to in the example photos? Contact out customer service–our team will be happy to support you with your product selection! 
Frequently Asked Questions
No lock can be seen in the photo. Can the quarantine box be locked?

The product photos are example photos – no lock is attached in this shot. The quarantine box comes with an attached bar that allows the door to be locked firmly – even when ordering a single product.

Can the quarantine box be disinfected?

The quarantine box is made from very durable polyethylene and is, therefore, highly suitable for use in a veterinary ward. The material is resistant to acids, bases and a range of chemicals. A disinfectant should be used that is suitable for polyethlene.

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