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0 Propal Anti-Scratch Corset
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  • Alternative to common neck cone
  • Prevents licking and scratching of wounds
  • Does not limit animals lifestyle
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Propal Anti-Scratch Corset 


The Propal Anti-Scratch Corset from Génia is an excellent alternative to the common neck cone and can always be used for animals who do not tolerate neck cones. The corset-like construction of Propal prevents the animal from licking, gnawing or scratching wounds or dressings without limiting its lifestyle. The anti-scratch corset can be used for dogs and cats and is available in various sizes. By warming the material in a water bath, the brackets can be adjusted to fit the structure of the animals body.


Product Details 

  • Propal Anti-scratch corset
  • Prevents licking and scratching of wounds and dressings
  • Corset-like construction
  • Very good alternative to neck cones
  • Does not limit animals lifestyle
  • Manufactured from recyclable PVC 
  • Corset consists of 2 brackets that attach to the animal with retaining straps and 2 rods that connect the brackets and simultaneously keep them at a distance from one another
  • Easy and quick to place
  • Possible to adjust to the animals body (brackets can be softened in 30 seconds in 60°C warm water)
  • Rods can be fitted in different positions on the brackets
  • Clip lock secures the construction and prevents rods from falling out of the brackets
  • Propal Anti-Scratch Corset makes for less-frequent dressing changes
  • Well tolerated by most animals
  • Prevents the animal from scratching with the back paws
  • Available in various sizes
  • 1 unit
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