ERKA Sensitive, Porsche Design
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ERKA-Kallmeyer ERKA Sensitive, Porsche Design
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  • ERKA Sensitive stethoscope
  • Peerless Porsche design
  • Polished, chromium-plated, brass chestpiece
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ERKA Sensitive, Porsche Design

Right on time for the 125 year company jubilee, ERKA presents the stethoscope ERKA Sensitive, Jubilee Edition in the timless Porsche design. This high-quality, meticulously crafted stethoscope is presented in an unparalleled, functional and pure ICONIC Porsche style. 
The combination of the ERKA dual-diaphragm and the optimal sound chamber geometry means that the ERKA Sensitive can auscultate both high and low frequencies, with equal performance. This provides for a stethoscope that is useable across all disciplines. 
The ERKA Sensitive, Porsche Design comes with an highly-polished, non-porous, chromium-plated brass chestpiece and offers excellent comfort through its individually adaptible headset and extra soft earbuds. 

Product Details  

  • ERKA Sensitive, jubilee edition 
  • In peerless, ICONIC Porsche style 
  • Timeless and pure
  • Black, highly polished and non-porous, chromium-plated brass chestpiece
  • With the patented ERKA Dual Diaphragm
  • Separately integrated spring in tube allows for lossless sound transmission
  • Dual channel tube for optimal sound quality
  • Extremely minimal interference
  • Ergonomically formed, soft earbuds provide for an optimal setting and perfectly deter outside noise
  • Simple and quick cleaning of all stethoscope components with all common medical cleaning agents
  • Ergonomically formed, user adaptible headset
  • Chestpiece ∅: 52mm
  • Diaphragm ∅: 44mm
  • Chestpiece length: 25mm
  • Total length: 71.5cm
  • Tube length: 55.5cm 
  • Statutory warranty: 2 year 
  • When you register your ERKA Sensitive, Porsche Design at, ERKA awards you with a 7 year warranty for your stethoscope

The ERKA Sensitive, Porsche Design is ideally suited for anaesthesiologists, cardiologists, emergency doctors, rescue services, internists, pulmologists, general practitioners, and medical students. 
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