Icare® TONOVET Tonometer
Veterinary / Diagnostics & Emergency / Specific Diagnostics / Veterinary Tonometer
Product overview
  • Painless and fast measurement
  • Does not trigger corneal reflexes
  • No anaesthesia necessary
  • Mobile use
  • Self-calibrating
Application overview
  • For the measurement of intraocular pressure in cats, dogs and small animals.
  • Can also be used for large animals (e.g. horses) or birds.
Icare® TONOVET Tonometer

Need compatible silicone handle sleeves?
Required Accessories EUR https://static.praxisdienst.com/out/pictures/generated/product/1/640_640_90/192278_tonovet_griffhuelsen_1.jpg https://www.praxisdienst.com/index.php?cl=details&anid=1f31778c1fab561dd58731ba5764463e&expressBuy=1&originObject=2017d7d4172ac35d98a8d0715289c10b https://www.praxisdienst.com/en/Veterinary/Diagnostics+Emergency/Specific+Diagnostics/Veterinary+Tonometer/Silicone+Handle+Sleeve.html Express purchase Close window Quick view https://www.praxisdienst.com/index.php?lang=3&cl=praxisdienstaccessoriesajaxapicontroller&aid=1f31778c1fab561dd58731ba5764463e&am=
Green silicone handle sleeve
Silicone Handle Sleeve
  • Replaceable
  • Made from silicone
  • Colour: green
  • Suitable for the Icare® TONOVET tonometer
  • Delivery contents: 1 piece
31,49 EUR*
Need a compatible bracket?
Required Accessories EUR https://static.praxisdienst.com/out/pictures/generated/product/1/640_640_90/192279_tonovet_halterung_tonometer_1.jpg https://www.praxisdienst.com/index.php?cl=details&anid=1faf8d89c4d025a8cb9c77adf251a9e9&expressBuy=1&originObject=d58fded28540493c3b0a01566c531ffd https://www.praxisdienst.com/en/Veterinary/Diagnostics+Emergency/Specific+Diagnostics/Veterinary+Tonometer/Bracket+for+Tonometer.html Express purchase Close window Quick view https://www.praxisdienst.com/index.php?lang=3&cl=praxisdienstaccessoriesajaxapicontroller&aid=1faf8d89c4d025a8cb9c77adf251a9e9&am=
Particularly robust bracket for tonometer
Bracket for Tonometer
  • For the TONOVET tonometer and the TONOVET Plus
  • Wall mounting included
  • For safe storage of the tonometer
  • Robust and high-quality workmanship
  • Delivery contents: 1 piece
129,79 EUR*
In stock. Expected delivery date: 00.00.0000 6 pm
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Icare® TONOVET Tonometer
Icare® TONOVET Tonometer
€ 3.194,99 net
€ 3.802,04 gross
In stock. Expected delivery date: 00.00.0000 6 pm
Product Description

Icare® TONOVET Tonometer

The measurement of intraocular pressure with the Icare® TONOVET tonometer is based on the rebound method and is well tolerated by dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and also horses as it is painless and takes only a few seconds. The examination does not trigger any corneal reflexes in the animal and does not require anaesthesia. The unit is battery-operated and can therefore be used as a mobile unit.

Product Details

  • Icare® TONOVET Tonometer
  • Painless and fast measurement
  • Based on the rebound method
  • Makes brief contact with the cornea
  • No anaesthesia necessary
  • Does not trigger a corneal reflex
  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • No calibration required
  • Mobile use
  • Battery operated (AA batteries)

Technical Details

  • Measuring range: 1 - 99 mmHg
  • Measurement accuracy: ±2 % (5 - 30 mmHg), 10 % (30 - 80 mmHg)
  • Display accuracy: ±1 mmHg
  • Display unit: milimetre-quicksilver column (mmHg)
  • Power supply: 4 x AA batteries
  • Dimensions: 230 x 13 - 32 x 45 - 80 cm (W x B x H)
  • Weight: 250 g (batteries included)


  • To determine the baseline value for young animals
  • Animals older than 6-7 years
  • Animals with a predisposition to glaucoma
  • Routine eye examination
  • In case of head and/or eye trauma

Delivery Contents

TONOVET tonometer, 4x AA batteries, 100 disposable transducers, cleaning container for transducer insert, replacement container incl. replacement transducer insert, protective cover for transducer insert, table stand, silicone grip sleeve, carrying strap, USB stick, IOP notepad, carrying case, operating instructions, warranty certificate.

Product Identification

Product Identification

Manufacturer: Eickemeyer

MPN: 1736005

Art. No.: 192277

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Icare® TONOVET tonometer for gentle measurement of intraocular pressure in animals
Icare® TONOVET Tonometer
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