Catgut plain, Needle-and-Thread Combinations DS19, 2.0 (4/0)
Veterinary / Dressing Material / Wound Closure / Sutures
Art. No.: 190546
EAN: 5400012015194 Catgut plain, Needle-and-Thread Combinations
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  • Twisted multifilament in a monofilament look
  • Absorbable suture
  • Length: 75 cm, various strengths
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Catgut plain, Needle-and-Thread Combination

Catgut plain is the classic absorbable suture in veterinary medicine. Although it is a multifilament, it has a monofilament look and is neither coated nor treated. The material for Catgut plain is obtained from the serosal layer of bovine intestines. To ensure a high degree of safety, the bovine intestines used only come from countries that are classified BSE-free.
The Catgut plain needle-and-thread combination has many applications thanks to the suture's high tensile strength: general surgery, ligatures, adapting soft tissue, visceral surgery, gynaecology, etc. 
Product details
  • Catgut plain, needle-and-thread combination
  • Twisted multifilament in a monofilament look, no coating
  • Full absorption within about 63 days, retains about 50% tensile strength after 7 days
  • Manufactured from natural collagen
  • Excellent tissue support
  • Even absorption
  • High flexibility
  • Ties securely with fewer knots
  • Smooth passage through skin with no sawing effect
  • Very versatile
  • Ivory colour
  • Cut to 75 cm and sterile packed with a surgical needle
  • Available in various sizes
  • 1 pack of 12 combinations
Available needle types:
  • HR = round-bodied needle 1/2 circle
  • DS = outside cutting needle 3/8 circle
Please select the appropriate size for your requirements. The product image is a sample image only.
Frequently Asked Questions
How long are the needles in the Catgut plain needle-and-thread combinations?

The length of the needles is given straight after their type. DS19, for example, is a 19-mm long, outside cutting needle in a 3/8 circle.

How is the thread absorbed?

The Catgut plain thread is absorbed using phagocytosis.

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Catgut plain, Needle-and-Thread Combinations
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