EDAN F2 CTG Machine «Single»
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  • Cardiotocograph with 5.6" display
  • 3 display modes, visual and acoustic alarm
  • Li-Ion battery, integrated thermal printer
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EDAN F2 CTG Machine 


The F2 from EDAN is a compact, wearable CTG machine with which the fetal heart rates and contractions can be monitored during pregnancy and birth. The integrated thermal printer allows one to printout the results during an examination for documentation purpose. The CTG machine is available in your choice of a single or twins model with 1 or 2 FHR transponders. In order to prevent confusion between the FHR signals, the EDAN F2 with the twins function is equipped with a signal overlap function.

The cardiotocograph gives out an acoustic and a visual alarm when noteworthy results are collected. The collected data can be viewed as curves, measurement values or as a mixed view on the 5.6 inch large, inclinable display.

The low weight, compact dimensions and integrated handle also make the EDAN F2 CTG machine ideal for mobile applications.


Product Details 

  • CTG machine EDAN F2
  • For continuous monitoring of the fetal heartbeat during pregnancy and birth
  • Available as «Single» or «Twins» model (delivered with 1 or 2 FHR transponders)
  • Twins machine has a function to prevent confusion between the FHR signals
  • 5.6" LCD display (monochromatic)
  • Inclinable display eases readability
  • Integrated handle
  • Signal quality display of the fetal heart rate (eases transponder placement)
  • 3 display modes: curves, measurement values and mixed presentation (curves/measurement values)
  • Internal memory for up to 12 hour data logging 
  • With visual and acoustic alarm
  • Integrated Li-Ion battery for up to 5 hours of continuous operation
  • Built-in thermal printer (prints on 150/152 mm wide thermal paper)
  • Water-resistant 1MHz FHR transponder
  • Weight: approx. 3.5 kg 
  • Dimensions: 35 x 30 x 10.4 cm (D x W x H)


Allows for Monitoring following Parameters: 

  • FHR - Fetal Heart Rate 
  • Uterine activity
  • MFM - Manual Fetal Movement recognition
  • AFM - Automatic Fetal Movement recognition


Technical Data for the EDAN F2 CTG Machine  

  • FHR measurement range: 50 -240 bpm, accuracy: ± 2 bpm
  • DFHR measurement range: 30 - 240 bpm, accuracy: ± 1 bpm
  • TOCO range: 0 - 100%, Linearity error: ± 10%
  • IUP print range: 0 - 100mmHg, sensitivity: 5 μV/V/mmHg
  • AFM range: 0 - 100%, resolution: 1% 
  • Incidence marking: manual marking of fetal movement on the pregnant mother


Delivery Contents: 

  • CTG Machine EDAN F2
  • FHR transponder (2x with «Twins» model)
  • TOCO transponder
  • Incidence marker
  • Strap
  • Ultrasound gel
  • Thermal printer paper
  • Mains cable
  • Li-Ion battery
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