BTA - Bladder Cancer Quick Test
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Diagnostik-Nord BTA - Bladder Cancer Quick Test
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  • Quick test for bladder cancer
  • Based on Sandwich immunoassay method
  • Results after 5 minutes
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BT-Check Bladder Tumor Test


This bladder tumour test (als known as a bladder tumour antigen test or BTA test) is a rapid test for diagnosing bladder tumours in urine, which can be a sign of bladder cancer.



  • Simple and efficient
  • Supports diagnostic differentiation of other diseases
  • Simple sample material (urine)
  • Speedy, reliable results in 5 minutes


Bladder tumours occur around the age of 60, in 3 times as many men as women and is the fifth most common type of cancer in humans. The most common symptom of a bladder tumour is blood in the urine.


This bladder cancer test has been proven to differentiate between other bleeding associated disorders. Furthermore, the bladder tumour test is ideal for early detection screenings.

This bladder cancer test is also suited for routine check ups after a diagnosis of a bladder tumour.


Test Principle:

The BT-Check bladder tumor test is based on the Sandwich immunoassay. For this, antibodies are fixed onto the test; urine sample will be taken and dropped onto the test with bladder tumour antigens, the colour coded antibodies will agglutinate with the sample antigens and migrate to the test line, which they will dye red.


Test Process:

  • Warm the bladder tumor test to room temperature
  • Take urine sample
  • Drop 3 drops of urine onto the test
  • After 5 minutes, results can be read


Delivery Contents: 10 Bladder Tumour Test Cassettes, disposable pipettes, 15 Info flyers for your patients and 1 instruction manual.

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