Canine Skeleton Model
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Art. No.: 190915
EAN: 4260306779574 Canine Skeleton Model
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"Canine" Skeleton Model

This skeleton model is a plastic cast of the bone structure of a large dog. Thanks to the use of a special plastic, the details of the canine skeleton are easily identifiable, and the whole skeleton model has a very natural appearance and looks real. The jaw is movable, so the mouth can be opened to see the dog's dentition.


This large "canine" skeleton model is used by vets to illustrate diagnoses and therapies to patient owners. Students use skeleton models like this one for study and dogs trainers use a skeleton to teach their students about the effects of a collar or a chest harness, for instance.

Product details for the skeleton model

  • Large "canine" skeleton model
  • Plastic cast
  • Removable tail and skull
  • Movable jaw
  • Dimensions: 86 x 67 x 40 cm
  • Fixed onto a black plastic two-piece base

In addition to the richly detailed representation, this skeleton model is impressive just due to its size, which corresponds to that of a Bernese Mountain Dog, an Old English Sheepdog or a collie.

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